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On this page you are going to find all the Guitar Tabs, books, ebooks and guitar Methods Available.



  • Download Audio, Tab and GP7 of Looking For :

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  • Download Audio, Tab and GP7 of Coffee Break :

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PAPERBACK (Printed Books)

120 Giuliani’s Arpeggios:

“Born from the passion and research of Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829), these 120 Arpeggios are an excellent method to improve the technique of the right hand, especially for free-touch arpeggios.
I revisited the arpeggios by adding some bass movements and making them more popular with the addition of the tablature. You will find some alternative fingerings during the study “.


120 Giuliani’s Arpeggios:

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Volume 1 (Dionisio Aguado)

Collection of easy pieces by great authors, revised and fingered.
For the Volume 1 dedicated to the Masters of Classical Guitar, I chose Dionisio Aguado.
I collected 10 simple passages from the early 19th-century classical composer.
Recommended for all students of classical guitar and those who want to approach the polyphony of our instrument.
Perfect for teachers of musical high schools and conservatories.
Revisited with fingering and tablature and audio

Lorenzo Perosi – Le Cinque Ore di Londra

“An accurate transcription of the beautiful work of the 20th century Italian composer Lorenzo Perosi.
Contains the parts for Cello and Piano of:
1. Risvglio
2. Preghiera
3. Sport In Garden
4. Nel Subway
5. Al Lavoro”

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