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  • Whant to became a Spotify hero with million of streamings? Here the solution directly from the source.
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    Spotify Lessons by Spotify for Artists

    [:it]Vuoi diventare un eroe di Spotify con milioni di streamings? Ecco alcuni Tips and Tricks direttamente dalla fonte. Spotify vuole insegnarci come ottenere il massimo per la nostra musica dalla loro piattaforma. [:en]Want to became a Spotify hero with million of streamings? Here some Tips and Tricks directly from the source. Spotify wants to teach us how to get the most out of your music on their platform.[:]

  • What Should very professional Website Have?
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    What should every professional website have?

    [:it]Questa Settimana vedremo alcune cose molto importanti che dovrebbero sempre essere presenti nel sito di una band o musicista professionista.[:en]This Week we will be analysing some important features that should always be included in the website of a band or a professional musician.[:]

  • The Importance of a Website for a Musician - Tips & Tricks - Guitar Lessons
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    The importance of a website for a musician.

    [:it]Se hai il tuo sito web, ben indicizzato nei motori di ricerca, aggiornato, ben fatto, bello da vedere. Con tutte le carte in regola, non sei “Schiavo” dell’algoritmo di turno che cambia, del trend da inseguire o dell’ashtag giusto da mettere.[:en]If you have your website well-indexed in search engines, if it is updated, well-done, eye-catchy and well-organised, you don’t have to be “slave” of any variable algorithm, any trend or ashtag.[:]

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    Tour abroad?

    Every musician likes going on tour and playing on a foreign stage, far from their home country. New places, new adventures. But before starting to organise such a tour, you'd better find the answers to a few questions which might help you in the organisation and in understanding if the experience is worth the effort.