What Should very professional Website Have?
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What should every professional website have?

We have already read “The importance of having a website”, now we will be analysing some important features that should always be included in the website of a band or a professional musician.

  • About: It is fundamental to have a webpage that describes who you are, what you do and explains your objectives.
    This page should be always updated, at least once a year, and it should include a short though detailed bio, where you describe what you have done in your career together with a list of your worthy achievements.
    As I said, short though detailed, if anyone is interested in finding out more, you could add a dedicated section (your education, previous works, and whatever might be linked to your profession).
    Another aspect to add could be a sentence, which describes your profession or your band.
  • News: We want to know that you are alive, that you are working, that you are developing a new project.
    I know, posting on Facebook or Twitter is way easier and faster, but don’t forget to use them as tools to bring people home, in your creative area, in your world. Update, update and update the news, don’t leave us behind.
  • Music: Oh come on, do I really have to say it? It is the website of a musician, a band, and I want to listen to what you do.
    I know that you’d rather people bought your albums, but I am here now, I want to discover and listen to the music you play before I buy it. If it is possible, use an embed, do not send people away from your site, do not send them to an external website, allow them to stay with you and let them enjoy your music in your house. This leads us to next step.
  • Store: ITunes is cool, Badcamp is cool, they are all cool, but none of them works for free. These websites take a percentage of your work, mostly a huge one.
    I am here now, I liked what I listened to and I would like to support you.
    I would like to listen to your music in my cd player, at home or in my car. I want to buy the album form you, how can I do that? Sell it, please.
    Add a link for purchase, add a box to specify “I would like it with an autograph”.
    Obviously, according to the country where you live, a personal store has its costs. And pay attention to something else too, it is important that you are legally correct in order to prevent any future surprises.
  • Video: videos are fundamental, the audience likes listening and watching while you perform, have gigs, in studio, backstage video, making of and much more. Build a section for this too. Use embeds here as well, let people enjoy the “cinema” experience.
  • E-Press-Kit: This section (which could be kept private) is extremely important.
    It is a page that will be visited by experts of the field, booking, clubs and more. If it is in your website, you will be able to update it and, when you send your link via e-mail, people – club, promoters or whoever you sent it to – will see the updated version even if they open your mail after months.

Soon we will be discussing the characteristics of an E-Press-Kit in another article.

  • Social links: You should always have a footer with a link to your socials or give the chance to new followers to read about you on the platform they prefer. Some clubs prefer promoting their events on specific platforms, so make sure you are in one of them and that they follow/tag you and your page. Same concept applies to webzine and all your co-workers.
    Be everywhere, but smartly.
  • Tour: we would like to know where you are playing or you are going to play, we want to listen to you.
    Always update your calendar of events. If you can, leave a list of the events you did. It is important for club promoters to know where you played and what your preferences are.
  • Contact form: having a contact form is essential in order to allow anyone to contact you for info, gigs, etc.
    Don’t forget to check regularly that it works and answer everybody. Well, maybe don’t answer SPAMS. But if you add a suitable filter or CAPCHA you shouldn’t receive any.
  • Share: we keep repeating it a thousand times, we live in a social world, hence having a link (those with a logo) to share on any platform is highly useful to allow your page/music/video to go around.
  • Mailing-List Form: People will not be checking your site constantly, so it is important that whoever is interested can receive major updates. And what is the best way but the mailing-list?
    Add a form where people can subscribe to get news directly from you. It is unlikely that it will be used by experts of the field but they will surely appreciate your professionalism.

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  • Booking: this page can be very useful for experts or for whoever is interested in organising you gig. Let them know where you would like to play, which contexts you prefer or where you don’t feel like performing.
    Being clear from the beginning prevents any misunderstanding.
    Don’t forget to add a professional Stageplan; you can find it free on specific websites or you can find our service to write a professional Stage Plan here. Don’t forget also the Press Kit together with costs (VAT included or not)  if you want to.

These are just a few of the details that should never be omitted in the website of a professional musician or band.

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