Lights On

Direzioni – A wonderful guitar album by Fabio Mazzini

Listening to Fabio Mazzini's music elicits strong emotions.
An album that should be listened to in loops from start to finish.
A classic record!

Let's take a closer look.
Goccia, one drop at the time. Is what you think about while listening this soft and sweet music.
Relaxing and peaceful, could be a kind of romantic lullaby.
At the first rise of the sun, watching outside the window and feeling the warmth of the sun on the skin. Mattino (Morning) is a nice piece of music, perfect for waking up with a smile and with your heart in peace.
Like a summer mantra the sound of the Cicale, keeps going during the whole song. Lovely guitar melodies and a sweet peaceful mood.
A nice folk song, hopeful melodies and with a nice soft blues touch, this is how Foglie will keep you company.
Camminando starts with a beautiful electric guitar sound, soft and sensual.
I can imagine myself listening to this music while walking under some beautiful autumn trees. 
Pomeriggio is a beautiful rhythmical song, hopeful and joyful as well. The guitar sound is always so elegant and precise, poetry for our ears.
Sweet and gloomy at the same time Blu is built on some beautiful melodies nicely linked together. 
All the darkness and mystery of the night (Notte) is enclosed in this composition. The guitar sounds like a silent scream in a beautiful dark night.
Cenere a nice lovely dreamy music, touching and very reflective. The guitar sound is so delicate and elegant, it will be impossible to do not get lost in your mind while listening 
Un altro giorno, is the last song of the album.
The perfect end of a beautiful journey. This is the end of the road, and this song leaves you with a lovey melancholy.
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