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Discover Beau Vallis Mixing and Mastering Services Online Affordable
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Discover: Grammy-nominated Beau Vallis | Mixing And Mastering Services Online

Today we are going to discover the  Mixing And Mastering Services Online by the Grammy-nominated:

Beau Vallis

Born and raised in the New York/ New Jersey area and surrounded by the arts and entertainment industry his entire life, BEAU VALLIS is burning his own path as a successful artist, songwriter, producer and engineer.

He has been fortunate to work with and catch the attention and respect of artists and producers including Kelly Rowland, Pharrell, Beyoncé, super producer ~ T Minus,  Grammy award winning writer~ Robert EST Waller, Sean Paul, Nina Sky to name a few. 

BEAU’S focus and instincts (along with his training) has given him an edge.  Beau has produced, written, and engineered records that have reached over 5 million sales worldwide, also leading to his first Grammy Nomination on the Pharrell Williams “G.I.R.L” Album for “Album of the Year 2014” and “Best Urban Contemporary Album 2014”. 

 Grammy-nominated Beau Vallis Mixing And Mastering Services Online
Grammy-nominated Beau Vallis Mixing And Mastering Services Online


He offers three different mixing and mastering packages.

  • The first package is the Gold Package; for $25 he will produce a high-quality mix up to 4 stems along with free mastering; you will also be allowed up to three revisions if you want more work done on your song.
  • The next available package is the Platinum Package for $50, up tp 10 Stems, plus the use of a Tape Machine.
  • The last package is the Diamond for $195, with unlimited Stems and all his add-ons (except melodyne).


  • Audio tracks/stems in any of these formats: WAV/AIFF/MP3
  • Export & send your audio tracks dry, no compression, fx, etc
  • I accept PRO TOOLS sessions 
  • Quality recordings (the better, the better the mix)
  • I can Auto-Tune, Pitch or time Correct
  • Will mix/master most any genre & style
  • Delivered within 3 days (unless 1-day service is ordered)

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  • What can I expect when working with you?


    • Why choose you?


    • I would hope that my resume and reviews would speak for themselves. I will ALWAYS give my best effort on your music.

When I take on a gig, it becomes my “baby” as well.

    • You can expect exceptional communication and superb customer service. I work 24/7 and will always be around for YOU.


  • Do you offer sample mixes?
    Of course! If you do not feel comfortable doing a gig just yet, I am more then happy to do a sample mix for you to see how your song will sound!

  • How long do you save files, after the gig is completed?
    I save files for 3 days after completion. I allow any changes that you may need during those 3 days. After 3 days, the files will be deleted off of my drives. I DO OFFER a ONE YEAR file saving add-on. If you choose that option and have a revision within the year, it is a $20 reopen fee of the gig.

  • What add-ons do you recommend?
    My highest rated add on is the “High-End Plugin Package” and the “Melodyne Package”. You can’t go wrong with these

  • Do you clean up the breaths in vocals?
    I do not delete breaths, mouth noises, clicks, pops, saliva, etc. in vocals. That must be done prior to sending in the files 🙂

  • What genre’s do you specialize in?

  • Do you offer any other services?
    Yes. I can make custom production, and I can also add vocals on to your song to give it the finishing touch it needs.

  • Do you do STEM MASTERING?
    I do not. I master full mixed files (the mix that you approve prior) at -6db and under 4:20 seconds

  • I see that you have stem limits. Can I combine stems to fit into the limit?
    Unfortunately, I do not allow combined stems or incomplete stems. I take extreme attention and care to my mixes, and I would hope that you would want the same in return on your song!
    Having each element separated allows for the best possible outcome. 1 sound=1 stem 🙂
    *1 gig at a time per client

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