120 Giuliani's Arpeggios Giuliani’s 120 Arpeggios for Acoustic Guitar with TAB and AUDIO (Acoustic Guitar Methods Vol. 1)
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Giuliani’s Arpeggios for Acoustic Guitar with TAB and AUDIO

120 Giuliani’s Arpeggios
Born from the passion and the research of Mauro Giuliani (1781 -1829), these arpeggios are an excellent method to improve the technique of the right hand, especially for free touch technique.

The chords are always C and G7 (I° and V7°) that’s allow you to focus on cleanliness, timing and movements.

I revisited the arpeggios adding some bass movements and making them more popular with the addition of the tablature.

You can buy the pdf and audio on BANDCAMP or thePhysical Book and E-Book from AMAZON:

Which whom buy the Kindle or Paperbook version will find a Digital Download link for the Audio. From bandcamp insted the PDF will be in the folder with the audios.

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