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Melissa Galosi’s Reminiscence II: A Masterful Tribute to Domenico Scarlatti

Melissa Galosi‘s new EP, Reminiscence II, is an absolute masterpiece.
It is a beautifully composed and expertly performed collection of tracks that pay tribute to the master Domenico Scarlatti.
The reimagining of Scarlatti’s Sonata in B minor K. 87 is particularly stunning, with Galosi’s performance being both nostalgic and exceptionally skillful. The Sonata in F minor K. 466 (L. 118) is also magisterial, showcasing Galosi’s talents as both a pianist and composer.

In addition to the Scarlatti pieces, the album also includes two original compositions by Galosi, “Lost Lights” and “Gleam“. These tracks are both fresh and exciting, with beautiful melodies and soundscapes that transport the listener on an emotional journey through different moods. Each track tells its own story, making the EP a truly captivating listening experience from start to finish.

The EP as a whole is a visual representation of the journey through different moods, moving seamlessly from happiness to melancholy and back again. It has been composed, performed, and mastered in Marche, Italy by Galosi herself, with the assistance of sound engineer Edoardo Mantini. The result is a truly exceptional piece of music that is sure to appeal to fans of Domenico Scarlatti and piano music in general.

In conclusion, Reminiscence II is an absolutely incredible EP that showcases Melissa Galosi’s talents as a pianist and composer.
If you love Domenico Scarlatti or simply appreciate beautiful piano music, this EP is a must-listen. It was released on November 18, 2022 by Raighes Factory, and I highly recommend giving it a listen.

by Olivia C.