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Skype Lessons

I am currently accepting new students from around the world via Skype! I’m pretty flexible with time as I do this part time when I’m not touring or on my off days on tour.

I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. After years of playing in my style I have designed a set of exercises which I call the “New Wave of Acoustic Guitar”.
I created this to help develop the technique of fingerstyle, slap harmonics, tapping, percussion and using them all together in a musical way. I’ve been teaching guitar technique, theory and composition all over the world for a long time.

I don’t just teach Fingerstyle. I have a background in Classical, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Folk and Improvisation too.

Skype Lessons Courses

New Wave of Acoustic Guitar.
Weissenborn, Lap Steel and slide guitar.
Be a PRO Electric Guitar Player.
Music Theory, Harmony and composition applied to your instrument.



    • Custom Lessons based on your skills and level.
    • Original Backing Tracks (when available).
    • A nice printable certificate :: Level 1 (30 Lessons) Level 2 (60 Lessons) Level 3 (90 Lessons).
    • Original Scores/TABS made with Guitar Pro: a tablature editor, a score player, and a backing band all in one


How long the lesson will be?

Lessons are 60 mins.

What I need to Start?
Latest version of Skype application (available on High-speed internet connection Web-cam/Microphone, and an active PayPal account.

What are the rates for a lesson or multiple lessons?
To get current rates for single and multiple lesson discount packages, gift packages or any other questions please send email. E-mails are free but Spots are limited.

What Languages we could speak?
I am only able to offer the lessons in Italian and English.

I’m really far from Italy how can we do about the time?
That’s the beauty of Skype lessons, most of the time I give lessons also while I’m on tour outside my country.
I always have my guitars and all the material I need, so let me know what time zone you are in and we can coordinate a time.

Payment must be made in € Currency via PayPal no later than 24 hours prior to the lesson to guarantee your spot. If you have to cancel a lesson for any reason you must let me know 24 hours in advance to schedule a make up or you will lose the lesson. If I have to cancel I will let you know in advance and schedule a make up. If we are disconnected or power goes out etc, you will not lose your lesson. The time will be made up. 🙂

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions you may have.