Spotify Playlist Tips by Randal Meek
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Spotify Playlist Tips by Randal Meek

Spotify is a wonderful resource to musicians, particularly artists who have songs recorded, but who don’t have an audience for their songs. For virtually the first time in history, Spotify allows the artist, no matter how small of a following you have, to partially direct whether their songs are heard.

You can do this by getting your songs on “playlists”. A “playlist” is simply a list of songs grouped together.

Spotify has both “Spotify Curated” playlists and “user” playlists.  “User” playlists can be created by anyone. Once you have your song on a playlist the goal is to direct “streaming” traffic to the playlists that your songs are on. You can do this through telling your friends, posting on social media and any other way you can ask someone to listen to the playlist that your songs are on.

“User” playlists are easier to get your songs on than “Spotify Curated” playlists because you can often find out who the curator is of a “user” playlist (just find the playlist on Spotify and look at who the curator is) and politely “pitch” your songs directly to the curator.

To find yourself on “Spotify Curated” playlists is a little more difficult because no one knows who the curators are, so you have to sort of “work your way up” the smaller playlists in hope that Spotify “finds” you. You can also “Submit your unreleased songs Directly To Spotify” through your “Spotify Artist” profile page.


1.    Create your own playlists, add your songs and songs of friends and perhaps some already popular artists. Then ask everyone you know to stream/listen to the playlist;

2.    Look up your artist friends on Spotify, listen to their playlists and find a playlist that you think your music would fit on and politely ask your friend to “consider” adding a particular song of yours to their playlists;

3.    Search for Spotify playlists that you think are in the same genre as your music and politely ask the curator to “consider” adding a particular song of yours to their playlists;

4.    Create new music and use the “Submit Directly To Spotify For Consideration” feature in your Spotify Artist Page;

5.    Find Facebook groups like “Spotify Gang”, “Spotify Playlists” and many others where people actively create playlists and pitch both the playlist and their music. You will find many curators who are asking for submissions and they will often add your music if it fits their playlist;

6.    Look up internet sites that allow you to submit your music directly to curators like “”, “”


Start with good music, a good quality recording and have fun!





Randal L Meek 

Randal L Meek
Randal L Meek

Randal L Meek is a solo fingerstyle guitar artist and singer/songwriter.

Randal’s songs, and his instrumentals, are gentle and authentic with a warm and sincere delivery that is both relaxing and emotional and the perfect accompaniment for relaxing to your own “Life On The Deck”!

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