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  • Monika Ryan Jazz Singer Songwriter - IndieViews

    Monika Ryan – IndieView #3

    Interviews with great Independent Musicians from all over the world about: Music Business, Music Life, Recordings, Studio Sessions, Mixing Mastering, Live, Music Tour and More. This week: The Jazz Singer/Songwriter Monika Ryan

  • Jazz Singer Songwriter KOSI - IndieViews

    Kosi – IndieView #2

    Here we are at our second appointment with IndieViews. Today we will be talking with a jazz songwriter from New York, KOSI. I had the pleasure of getting to know her and her latest album “I know who I am” during the promotional tour for the 60th Grammy Awards. Here we go.

  • Try Nguyen Zither Master - Indieviews

    Tri Nguyen – IndieView #1

    I met Tri and his music during the 60th Grammy Awards while we were both in ballot for the nominations. From the very beginning, I was charmed by his way of composing and by the highly interesting use he does of his Zither, by mixing the sound of his culture with classical music. I have admired the great attention and cure that he pays to his projects and I discovered some musical affinities, even though our paths and instruments are very different. Today I would like to introduce him to you.