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  • IndieViews: Tommy Berre - Musician - Spotify Playlist Curator

    Tommy Berre – IndieView #7

    In this seventh episode of the IndieViews Series, we are going to chat with Tommy Berre an Independent Musician, Guitar player, composer and Spotify Playlist Curator from Norway. Let's discover more about him, his music and his Spotify Projects

  • IndieView 5 - Shoshana Michel Pianist Composer

    Shoshana Michel – IndieView #5

    In this fifth episode of the IndieViews we are going to chat with Shoshana Michel the Award Winning Pianist and Composer based in NYC and raised in Southern California. She was seven years old, a door-to-door salesman for a local music studio knocked on her front door. Her parents signed her up for music lessons.

  • IndieViews-Toni-Jannotta

    Toni Jannotta – IndieView #4

    In this fourth episode of the IndieViews we are going to chat with a great Jazz Singer Songwriter and composer from Ventura, California. During his career has been awarded with international prizes, a Global Music awards, Clouzine International Music Awards and more.

  • Monika Ryan Jazz Singer Songwriter - IndieViews

    Monika Ryan – IndieView #3

    Interviews with great Independent Musicians from all over the world about: Music Business, Music Life, Recordings, Studio Sessions, Mixing Mastering, Live, Music Tour and More. This week: The Jazz Singer/Songwriter Monika Ryan

  • Jazz Singer Songwriter KOSI - IndieViews

    Kosi – IndieView #2

    Here we are at our second appointment with IndieViews. Today we will be talking with a jazz songwriter from New York, KOSI. I had the pleasure of getting to know her and her latest album “I know who I am” during the promotional tour for the 60th Grammy Awards. Here we go.

  • Try Nguyen Zither Master - Indieviews

    Tri Nguyen – IndieView #1

    I met Tri and his music during the 60th Grammy Awards while we were both in ballot for the nominations. From the very beginning, I was charmed by his way of composing and by the highly interesting use he does of his Zither, by mixing the sound of his culture with classical music. I have admired the great attention and cure that he pays to his projects and I discovered some musical affinities, even though our paths and instruments are very different. Today I would like to introduce him to you.