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Forgotten by Zeek

The first single released by Zeek under Raighes Factory (label)
A beautiful, piano, guitar and violin composition. It’s time to move on from leaving everything behind. The tension created by the ostinato piano brings attention to the violin line and the guitar replies.
“Every story has a beginning. The war has destroyed all my village I had to run into the night in order to survive. I have lost everything it seems I am the only one who survived. But I want to live and I decided to move forward…”
Zeek says
With this album “My Way Back Home”, I really wanted to tell a story like a good series. The story is about a young man who had to leave his country because of the war. To survive, he would have to travel the world until he could find his way back. Each music on this album will give us some ideas where it could be. So now sit back comfortably, close your eyes and bring this story to life as the music inspires you.

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