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Lights on: Connections by Claus Egan

Connections is a 7 tracks album each composed and performed by Claus Egan, a talented young pianist that is taking his place in the piano scene.

“Neo Classical relaxing and calming piano solo album”

Claus Egan composes soft and calm music, with strong melodies and beautiful harmonies.
The album includes the track “Connections” a soft, calming and peaceful Waltz.
The almum nature of piano calming solo creates the perfect background for studying, reading, cooking and other daily activities.

Track List:

1.Distances 03:20
2.Far Away 03:42
3.Beyond 03:16
4.My Point of View 03:12
5.Opposite Riverside 03:32
6.Your View 03:08
7.Connections 03:30

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Label: Raighes Factory