Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals Spotify Playlist by Koreanry
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Spotify Playlist of the Month – November 2018

Every Month we’ll pick a favourite Spotify Playlist.
This month we are sharing with you this beautiful Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals Playlist Curated by koreanry
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Great Acoustic Guitar Songs, both covers and artist originals.
Play while you are studying or relaxing.
Creates a great ambience at work!

Include Artisti come:

Lance Allen,  Casper Esmann, Mark Grundhoefer, Jon Magnusson, Collin Hill, Billy-Joe, Acoustic Guitar Guy, Nick Worraf
 Union Pulse,Taylor & Lamken Kenichi Tamura, Los Gitanos , Tchavalito ,  Carlos Estevez, Julio Montoro, Luis Alberto Vicet Vives, To’Mezclao, Yusi Gonzalez, Gipsy LoversPedro IbanezMichael Lucarelli, Gianluca MaccarroneGypsy Soul – Mauro Galluccio, Giovanni Russo, Stefano TorossiSergio Fabian Lavia, Ganesh Del Vescovo,Mark BodinoBeyond The Guitar,Glenn Roth, Tim Thompson,Aaron Flemming,Acoustic Alchemy, Adam Werner, Agustín Amigó,Agustín Barrios Mangoré, John Williams Aias Conor,Alex de Grassi, Andrew York, Andy SalvanosAnila Mirela,Antoine Dufour, Antonio Rey
Auguste Henrique, Ben Woolman, Between the Dots Billy McLaughlin, Björn J:son Lindh, Relajacion y Guitarra Acustica
 Calum Graham, Michael Manring, Cary Bestwood,hanning Spence, Christopher Varela, Claes Nilsson, Clive Carroll
 Craig D’Andrea, Cristopher Varela, Cristopher Varela, Dallas Sutherland,  Daniel Kaede,Denis Turbide, Derek Brookshire
Domenico Scarlatti, Kyuhee Park, Dominic Miller, Crying Hearts – Don Steale, Donovan Raitt Dylan Ryche
 Eagle Lake Elgafar,Kaki King , Ken Bonfield , Ken Verheecke Kent PatersKyle McEvoy  Laurence Juber, Maneli Jamal,
Michelle Qureshi,Miguel Serugetti, Mikkel Ploug, Miranda Boumedin, Moldoni, Pete Huttlinger, Phil Keaggy,Pierluigi Colangelo,Pierre Bensusan, Realizer, Richard Mollenbeck,  Roberto Diana, Ross Hammond, Russ Freeman, Sean Harkness, Sergei Baronin, Sergio Miguel, Stanley Myers, John Williams, Steve Dawson, Steve Erquiaga,Sungha Jung,Tip Ferreira,Tom Ellenhag, Tomas Hilber, Tommy Berre, Tommy Emmanuel, Trace Bundy,Joel Sundkvist,Trevor Gordon Hall, Vadim Cervenka, Vicente Amigo, Will Ackerman,Will Moore, William Wilson,The String Revolution,Whalebone, Between the Dots,Emilio Bonito, Andrea Moro, Luigi Montagna, Joseph Sullinger,Will Moore, Mathew Joseph,Denis Turbide, Boccherini Guitar Quartet, Nick Johnson, Marco Pisani, Bryce Mullins,Denis Turbide,Guitar Tribute Players, Daryl Shawn, Mark Grundhoefer,The Last Cell.

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