List of Spotify Playlist Curators
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List of Spotify Playlists Curators

We all agree that streaming services are a big part of the music business.
That’s why playlists are now a MUST for every musician who wants to promote his music.

Before starting, have you read our article? ::>  Spotify Lessons by Spotify for Artists

Basic Rules

Here some basic rules that we think can be appropriate:

  • Follow the Playlists before submitting your music.
    It’s important for a playlist curator to see their playlist growing, we suppose is also exciting for them to see their efforts getting a result.
  • Listen before submitting your music.
    Check if your music can work in the playlist. Is not nice to send an hip hop track to a heavy metal curator, right?
  • Say thank you.
    This should be something to do every time in life, but when your tracks are added to a playlist please, say thank you. I’m sure it will be appreciated.
  • Share the playlist.
    Sometimes share the playlist with your follower. Certainly they’ll appreciate the discovery of new artists.
  • Stream the Playlist.
    Streaming the playlist is really important to let it grow and also to help all the musicians in it.

If any of this curators ask you for money, run away and report it to us, we’ll remove it from our list. 

The List

Are you a curator? Would like to be featured in this list? Fill out our GOOGLE FORM, it will be a pleasure for us to add your links.

Soundplate ::> Submit

Work Hard Playlist Hard ::> Submit 


Indiemono ::> Submit

Daily Playlists ::> Submit

Raighes Factory ::> Submit

Spingrey ::> Submit

For the love of bands ::> Submit

Tommy‘s Instrumental Playlist ::> Submit 

iMusician Digital ::> Submit.


ROCK – WHTYB – What happened to your band? ::>  Submit.

ROCK – High Road Publicity ::> Submit.

DEEP HOUSE – Simon Field ::> Submit.

INDIE – Music is much more ::>  Submit.

ELECTRO – Soave Records ::> Submit

Kolibri Music ::> Submit

Songpickr ::> Submit

Musicto ::> Submit

Higher Reign ::> Submit

Nariman Musik ::> Submit

BellaBeth – Uncharted Melodies ::> Submit

Listnerd ::> Submit

Johua Naranjo ::> Submit

Deryl Shawn ::> Submit 


ListdMusic ::> Submit

This-List ::> Submit

Sonder House ::> Submit 

Matt C. White ::> Submit

Paul Sims ::> Submit

BIRP! ::> Submit

Going Solo ::> Submit

Kristoffer Wallin ::> Submit

Sarah Schonert ::> Submit

Billy-Joe ::> Submit

Emilio Larocca Conte ::> Submit

Agustin Amigo ::> Submit

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  • PlaylistPush: recommended if you don’t want or don’t have time to search and write to each curator.
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  • SubmitHub : recommended for direct contact with curators. With free submission options.

Are you a curator? Would like to be featured in this list? Fill out our GOOGLE FORM, it will be a pleasure for us to add your links.

We hope you’ll enjoy this article. Feel free to share with your friends.

Good luck with your music 🙂