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Spotify Playlist of the Month – September 2018

Every Month we’ll pick a favourite Spotify Playlist.
This month we are sharing with you this beautiful Relaxing Guitar Playlist Curated by Tommy Berre.
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Relaxing acoustic guitar tunes. Great Background music for restaurants, driving, studying, meditating, dinner parties, or just for your listening pleasure. Lot’s of contemporary musician and often updated.

Include Artists like:

Vin Downes, Michelle Quareshi, Jürgen Saalmann, Alex de Grassi, Trevor Gordon Hall, Billy McLaughlin, Dominic Miller, Roberto Diana, Kaki King, Maneli Jamal, Craig D’Andrea, Andrew York, Sungha Jung, Phil Keaggy, Between the Dots, Calum Graham, Michael Kent Smith, Pete Huttlinger, Denis Turbide, Clive Carroll, Glen Roth, Roberto Dalla Vecchia, Will Ackerman, Daniel Kaede, Adam Werner, Andy Salvanos, Laurence Juber, Dylan Ryche, Acoustic Alchemy, Lance Allen and many more.

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