Laurie Ellis Petty - Relaxing Instrumental Music
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Spotify Playlist of the Month – February 2019

Every Month we’ll pick a favourite Spotify Playlist.
This month we are sharing with you this beautiful Relaxing Instrumental Music by Laurie Ellis Petty.
What we love in this playlist is the attention that Laurie put in carefully choosing the songs that are part of it.
We can feel her love for music and we really appreciate that.

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Beautiful and peaceful modern Classical Music (Piano, Cello and Violin Music). Music carefully curated to quiet your world. Photo provided by

Top 25 Include:
  1. Life – Angèle Dubeau, La Pietà
  2. Invisible Train – Fiona Joy (Hawkins), Charlie Bisharat, Tony Levin
  3. Unaware – Peter Cavallo
  4. Yours – Vicente Avella
  5. Où Est Mon Bonheur? (feat. Chad Lawson) – David Clavijo, Chad Lawson
  6. Pie Jesu – Jenny Oaks Baker
  7. all is white – Anoice
  8. Die Spree – Christoph Pagel
  9. String Quartet No. 1: III. — – Fiona Brice, Brother Tree Sound
  10. The Story – Instrumental – Allen & Bright, Lance Allen
  11. Clear Water – Noah Vanden Abeele
  12. Wanderer – Nay Shalom
  13. Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version) – Vitamin String Quartet
  14. Poetics – Steven Gutheinz
  15. Ebb & Flow – Jacco Wynia
  16. Morning Rose – Peter Cavallo
  17. Unearthed – Philip Daniel, Shawn Williams
  18. Juniper – Philip Daniel, Shawn Williams
  19. Stars so Bright – Philip Daniel, Shawn Williams
  20. For Her – Philip Daniel, Shawn Williams
  21. Cascade – Philip Daniel, Shawn Williams
  22. This Tree Is Made for Climbing – Philip Daniel, Shawn Williams
  23. A Matter of the Soul – Peter Cavallo
  24. Ancient Fairy – Invadable Harmony
  25. Il sogno di Tristano – Luigi Casabona, Ivo Martinenghi, Martina Pagana




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