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What’s New by Raighes Factory: Mauro Caprile, Maya Sand and Ucronie

Raighes Factory Label gifts us with 3 new beautiful releases.

Discover more about them and remember, sharing is caring. 🙂

Mauro Caprile – Rainy Days

Peaceful and relaxing acoustic guitar instrumental.
“Autumn brings different shades of warm colours that fill the countryside, hills and city parks, replacing the intense green of summer.
Even the sea takes on a new face, especially on rainy days.
A flat table, grey-blue; melancholy, still and silent.
On those days, rainy drops seem to play a guitar arpeggio.”

Ucronie – Het

Modern Classical piano, cello and strings instrumental. Very cinematic.

Maya Sand – Fire

Fire is the first of four EP from the Element serie:
The Elements are Life. We listen to the sound of deep natural Life feeling the rain, touching the earth, sensing the wind in the hair or watching the sparkling light of a candle in the night. Elements show the strength of Life with their harmonious presence and their little silent changes, day after day.
“Fire is the energy of concentration. Is a reason for changing. Is the centre of our inner home. Fire is the element of light and warm feeling of Self.”