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What’s New: Neil Mukherjee, Carlo Matti, Ricardo Octavio and Ucronie

We welcome this Friday new exciting instrumentals.
Find them on our “What’s New” playlist on Spotify ! 🎶
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✔️ Neil Mukherjee – Shores we left behind
Neil is one of the most original and talented guitar players we know out there. Discover is latest release.

✔️ Carlo Matti – Ocean Lighthouse
A beautiful piano instrumental with strong Classical influences.
“A vision in the night, a mirage, a flickering landfall.
Reality or fantasy?”

✔️ Ricardo Octavio – Rasgueos De Amor:
A romantic Guitarra tranquila, a beautiful, soft and peaceful love song. Relaxing and meditative. Dedicated to the most beautiful woman in the world.

You’ll find also the latest releases by ucronie, Maya Sand, Ebe De Antonio, Ada De Antonio and more.