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What’s New: Carlo Matti, Claus Egan, Ucronie and Maya Sand

Every Friday you can discover new music released under Raighes Factory Label 🎶
Great instrumental music to discover and love. 🎧






✔️ Jericho by Carlo Matti
The Neghev desert. A gazelle jumps. And I feel a memory of dance.

✔️ Connections by Claus Egan
A New Neo-Classical piano solo EP by Claus Egan, include the soft and calming Waltz “Connections”.

✔️ Beth by ucronie
After a long journey, you are now alone, in a desert planet. What next?

✔️ Time by Maya Sand
It’s time for Peace. It’s time for listening to our inner whispering voice.

The playlist includes last week releases:
Song from the Mountain by Neil Mukherjee
Around Midnight by Ebe De Antonio
En mis Sueños by Ricardo Octavio
Luce by Andrea Sinceri & Ada De Antonio
Valse by Carlo Matti
The bridge by Collettivo Armonico
Alef by ucronie
Radhe Radhe Govinda by Hari Priya
Outdoor Sessions (Between Trains and Birds) by Muniesa
Vision Drops by Maya Sand
Nine Dancers” by Carlo Matti“.
Crossings by Roberto Diana & Elgafar
and more…