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What’s New: Carlo Matti, Ebe De Antonio and Collettivo Armonico

An exciting Friday with 3 new great piano instrumentals by Carlo Matti, Ebe De Antonio and Collettivo Armonico.
You can discover them on “What’s New” playlist!
Available on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Apple Music. 🎧
✔️ Peaceful Land by Carlo Matti
“I see the hills and the sea where we met, maybe twenty years ago. This is your land, simply a peaceful land.”
✔️ After Midnight by Ebe De Antonio
“A delicate and soothing composition with great dynamics and a soft melody.”
✔️ Life by Collettivo Armonico
“Watching a big and lonely tree at sundown, the quiet of the countryside, a mug of coffee, the breeze, a bird is singing a soft melody, the night birds are going to wake up. Life is beautiful and can be full of joy, peace and love.”
The playlist includes new releases by:
Neil Mukherjee, Ricardo Octavio, Andrea Sinceri & Ada De Antonio, ucronie, Hari Priya, Muniesa, Maya Sand and more…