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    Lights on: Piano Haiku – XI – Vol.1

    Lights On Piano Haiku Today we are introducing you to Collettivo Piano Haiku Project XI – Vol.1 is a project made of simplicity and intensity of the present moment. It binds together the delicate sounds of a piano and the intrinsic musicality of the haikus; just like the traditional japanese form of poetry, it aims to present a flicker of life, a moment lived intensely, with a connection with the nature and the state of mind of the poet. Piano Haiku is a poetic, musical and graphic collective project born in the Internet, between facebook and soundcloud. Its origins are to be found on the “Piano Haiku Challenge”, a game where…

  • Randal's View #2

    Randal’s View #2

    This Week in Fingerstyle" and the excitement of hearing what great new fingerstyle treasures Daryl Shawn has found!First up is Simon Wahl's "Zu Spat", a beautiful piece that moves nicely back and forth between a "single note" technique and a modified "strum". Very interesting technique that shows off this beautiful, sweet melody in two different styles and creates a more "full" piece. Beautiful piece and technique Simon Wahl!

  • How Spotify Pays You - Spotify for Artists - Music Tips and Tricks
    Spotify,  Tips & Tricks

    How Spotify pays Artists

    [:it]Come Spotify paga gli artisti: una nuova "Video Lezione" by Spotify For Artists.[:en]How Spotify pays Artists. What is streamshare, how does Spotify calculate how much you're paid, and how is this money split? Spotify experts, Sheryl Crow, and independent artist Rén with the Mane break it all down. [:]

  • Randall L Meek - Randal's View (

    Randal’s View: Explanation

    Randal's View: In today's world, many of us are feeling more and more powerless over what goes on in the world. But in the music world, for the first time in history, you are more powerful than ever and have the direct ability (without having to buy expensive concert tickets) to easily determine what music you hear, and how successful your favorite artists become. This is possible through Spotify!