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    Gary O’Slide’s Album Alone With Yourself: A Must-Listen for Slide Guitar Fans

    Gary O'Slide's Alone With Yourself is a stunning collection of instrumental blues and folk music, featuring Gary's impressive slide guitar skills and evocative compositions. The album's western and folk influences are seamlessly integrated, creating a unique and relaxing listening experience. With tracks like "Chasing You" and "Hina", and a standout finale in "Gary's Orient Blues", Alone With Yourself is a must-listen for fans of instrumental music and guitar enthusiasts.

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    Direzioni – A wonderful guitar album by Fabio Mazzini

    Listening to Fabio Mazzini’s music elicits strong emotions. An album that should be listened to in loops from start to finish. A classic record! Let’s take a closer look.    Released On: September 9, 2022  Label: Raighes Factory  Format: Album  Artist: Fabio Mazzini  Genre: Folk, World, Fingerstyle, Electric Guitar Goccia, one drop at the time. Is what you think about while listening this soft and sweet music. Relaxing and peaceful, could be a kind of romantic lullaby. At the first rise of the sun, watching outside the window and feeling the warmth of the sun on the skin. Mattino (Morning) is a nice piece of music, perfect for waking up with a smile and with your…

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    Piano Releases to discover

    Would like to introduce this week some new piano releases to fall in love with.  Eight artists from several parts of the world. Carlos Maya, Melissa Galosi, Carlo Matti, Collettivo Armonico, Erjos, Maya Sand, Hjördís and Improline.  MMXXII by Carlos Maya MMXXII by Carlos Maya is about the human spirit and its strength in the midst of adversity. The piano is used as a tool to express emotions and connect with the audience. The minimalist style allows the listener to focus on the message without being overwhelmed. Verità Nascoste by Erjos The melody is light and airy, with a calming feeling. The chord accompaniment is modern and upbeat, providing a pleasant contrast…