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  • IndieViews: Tommy Berre - Musician - Spotify Playlist Curator

    Tommy Berre – IndieView #7

    In this seventh episode of the IndieViews Series, we are going to chat with Tommy Berre an Independent Musician, Guitar player, composer and Spotify Playlist Curator from Norway. Let's discover more about him, his music and his Spotify Projects

  • Looking For by Roberto Diana Guitar TAB, Guitar Pro 7 mp3
    Acoustic Guitar

    Looking For – Guitar TAB, mp3 and Guitar Pro 7 file

    After your requests finally here Looking For’s TAB taken from “Raighes Vol 2”. If you click on the image below to download  Looking For: Do you prefer directly buy Audio, Tab e GP7: Looking For (Audio, TAB and GP7) by Music Tips & Tricks   If you want to buy only “Looking For” taken from “Raighes Vol 2” check out all the digital stores out there: Enjoy and don’t forget to tag me if you film or record your own cover of “Looking For”.     Download the latest version of       If you enjoyed this article feel free to share it through the social links at the top of the article, sharing is caring 🙂  …

  • IndieView 5 - Shoshana Michel Pianist Composer

    Shoshana Michel – IndieView #5

    In this fifth episode of the IndieViews we are going to chat with Shoshana Michel the Award Winning Pianist and Composer based in NYC and raised in Southern California. She was seven years old, a door-to-door salesman for a local music studio knocked on her front door. Her parents signed her up for music lessons.

  • IndieViews-Toni-Jannotta

    Toni Jannotta – IndieView #4

    In this fourth episode of the IndieViews we are going to chat with a great Jazz Singer Songwriter and composer from Ventura, California. During his career has been awarded with international prizes, a Global Music awards, Clouzine International Music Awards and more.

  • Monika Ryan Jazz Singer Songwriter - IndieViews

    Monika Ryan – IndieView #3

    Interviews with great Independent Musicians from all over the world about: Music Business, Music Life, Recordings, Studio Sessions, Mixing Mastering, Live, Music Tour and More. This week: The Jazz Singer/Songwriter Monika Ryan